The Top 6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement


It can be very difficult to keep your employees engaged in today’s society. Data from a recent Gallup survey shows that 30% of employees consider themselves engaged, 52% disengaged and 18% actively disengaged. Gallup estimates that these actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. 1

CEOs and managers need all the help they can get in order to make sure that their staff is fully engaged, especially as businesses begin to grow. Sometimes it just takes a few fresh ideas to increase productivity and lead

There are many great ways to rejuvenate the engagement of your employees, but we’ve put together six of the top ideas. These suggestions will bring your team together, while encouraging empowerment and engagement and improving performance.

#1. Help Employees Get to Know Each Other Better by Spending Time Outside of Work.

Many employees go to work with the same colleagues every day but still don’t know them very well. As a manager, it’s important to focus on helping your employees get to know each other. Not only will your employees feel more comfortable with their coworkers, they will feel more connected with the company. What better way to help your employees get to know each other than a Griffins hockey game?

Last season, over 350 companies teamed up with our organization to provide a remarkable entertainment experience for their business. There are many options that the Griffins provide to help with your team bonding:

  • You could entertain your employees by utilizing one of our suites or hospitality areas for the season, with catering as an option;
  • Your team could all become citizens of the D-ZONE Nation, where you get $2 beer and $2 hotdogs seat-side service every Friday home game;
  • You could take advantage of our FLEX tickets, which are undated vouchers that can be redeemed in any amount for tickets to any regular season home game.

#2. Hold Regular Brainstorming Sessions to Allow Your Employees the Chance to Voice Their Ideas and Opinions.

It’s common for employees to feel uncomfortable speaking their minds at work. When people don’t feel as if they can speak up, they may be holding back valuable ideas and solutions to better your organization.

Foster the creation and sharing of great ideas to better your business and keep your employees actively engaged. Keep ideas flowing by holding regular brainstorming sessions with your staff. Promote candor and open talking with no criticism or judgment.

The more you practice an open, safe space for communication, the more likely it is that your staff will bring great ideas to the table.

When employees feel like their ideas are being heard, they are more likely to be positive and happy with their job.

#3. Whether it’s a Birthday or a Job Well Done, Celebrate Your Staff.

When employees feel like they’re getting the proper amount of recognition, they will typically want to be as engaged as possible at work.

Pick and choose specific occasions to celebrate with your staff. You can pretty much celebrate anything — birthdays, work anniversaries, the birth of a child, etc.

The Griffins have great options for celebrating those important events:

  • Your business could celebrate an employee’s work anniversary or special accomplishment by giving him or her tickets and have souvenirs delivered to their seats;
  • You could throw your coworker a birthday party at a Griffins game, with Griffins cupcakes, souvenirs, a video board birthday announcement with a special gift AND zamboni ride for the birthday man or woman.

Also, make sure that you are paying attention and acknowledging random accomplishments, be they work or personal.

#4. Sponsor a Charitable Event. Getting Your Staff Involved in the Community will Benefit Them and the Company.

Improve engagement levels and appeal to the general public at the same time by sponsoring a charitable event or fundraising for a charity.

The more you get involved with charities, the more your employees will be able to identify with what they do and who they work for. Volunteering will give your employees a greater sense of pride for your business.

The Griffins take great pride in our relationship with the West Michigan community. Check out our community programs and get your staff involved!

The Griffins also offer two different options for fundraising that are very simple and effective. Your company could pick a favorite charity and turn an employee outing into a special fundraiser for them.

#5. Create Unique Opportunities to Network With Clients and Other Businesses.

 Allowing your employees the opportunity to network with clients and other businesses will be very beneficial to your company.

The Griffins offer many options to network at a game:

  • Invite potential or loyal customer and their family down to the Griffins bench for warmups.
  • Entertain your clients by utilizing one of our suites or hospitality areas for the season, with catering as an option.
  • Use a Griffins game as a time to get to know your client and other business partners in a fun and more personable environment.

Also, keep in mind that a great employee is one who is driven and focused on improving his or her own career as much as possible. Encouraging your employees to network with others (inside and outside of your company) is a great way to help them build their careers.

#6. Experiment With Employee Engagement Activities to Find What Works For Your Staff.

 Employee engagement activities really do hold a great deal of importance in today’s world. Experiment with a number of ideas and see what everyone likes best. Ask your staff what they enjoy doing for fun, and then experiment with those activities. Keep in mind that not everyone has to be a hockey or sports fan in order to enjoy a fun and memorable experience at a Griffins game.

Through experimentation, you’re sure to find options that will benefit your organization.

For more information on how the Griffins can help your company increase employee engagement, call us at 616-774-4585 or visit

It’s your turn! What kind of employee engagement ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments!

By: Taryn Handyside



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