Fundraising with the Griffins

Does your organization need to raise some extra cash? Our help is just a phone call away. Last season, the Griffins teamed up to fundraise over $300,000 for area non-profit organizations, youth groups, churches, athletic teams, college groups and more. Whether you’re looking to raise a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand dollars, Griffins games provide an energetic way to raise money for a cause.

Ways to fundraise:

“Save the Change”

To get started with this program, simply contact us to select a game date. Your group will then receive tickets for a Griffins game at a discounted rate, and your group will re-sell the tickets for up to face value. This allows you to “Save the Change,” by having all of the proceeds go directly to your organization. The more tickets you sell, the more fundraising dollars you earn!

Groups such as Faith’s Angels, Michigan Association of CPAs, and the Spectrum Health Foundation have been very successful with this fundraiser.

“Throw for Dough”

This fundraiser works by re-selling Griffins tickets, just like the “Save the Change” fundraiser. However, your group will also sell foam pucks on the concourse during a Griffins game. At the intermission of the game, the fans who bought pucks will throw them onto the ice for a chance to win $5,000, or various Griffins prizes.  This fundraiser is highly profitable and easy to coordinate. Last season, 21 sports teams, college groups and non-profit organizations brought in over $50,000 with this fundraiser!

Groups such as the Grand Valley State Women’s Volleyball team, NexGen United Way and Davenport Lacrosse have been very successful with this fundraiser.

If your organization is looking for a fun and easy way to raise money, Griffins fundraisers could be a great option for you. For more information on Griffins fundraisers, give us a call at 616-774-4585 ext. 4 or visit TFD


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